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Cleaning at events in Moscow

We will ensure the cleanliness of exhibition premises and events - better and more profitable than the cleaners on staff.
Клининг на мероприятиях
We’ll calculate the cost of cleaning
*The final calculation is done individually

We will provide service, order and cleanliness throughout the event

Our professional cleaners are invisible to guests and provide a cleanliness that delights them. + Read about the company

3 reasons

entrust cleaning at events to professionals
reasons 1 More profitable than employees on staff Regularly ordering experienced cleaners with professional equipment is more profitable than keeping normally idle cleaners on staff.
reasons 2 Cleaners work discreetly Professional cleaners are trained not to interfere with guests and «not to shine» during important events.
reasons 3 Special equipment We use professional cleaning devices and household chemicals that do not irritate with it’s smell.

How is the cleaning going?

Stage 1 Preliminary
Refresh the place: we will quickly clean up everywhere from dirt and dust. This is usually enough to make the object look clean.
Stage 2 Regular
We will monitor the cleanliness during the event. Tidy bathrooms and toilets, no small waste anywhere - that’s our job.
Stage 3 Final
We will ensure that the place is clean after the event. If necessary, we will clean the bathrooms, kitchen, take out all the garbage.
We will advise on prices and terms
*The final calculation is done individually