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Cleaning your office in Moscow

We will clean up the office after renovation, relocation or corporate party. We will maintain daily cleanliness.
Cleaning your office
Cleaning type
sq. meters
13500 ₽ The final calculation is done individually

We know the specifics of cleaning in the office

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Thought out to the smallest detail

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Pay after cleaning
Guarantee cleaning quality
We will carry out special assignments
We work with proven cliners
Departure outside the Moscow Ring Road
We make cleaning day-to-day

How is the cleaning going?

Stage 1 Preparing
First, we will carry out wet cleaning of walls, ceilings and other surfaces.
Stage 2 Kitchen cleaning
We will thoroughly clean the walls. Cleaning ...
Stage 3 Bathroom cleaning
We treat toilet bowls with special disinfectants. Remove plaque and rust from plumbing
Stage 4 Final touches
We will wash the floors throughout the office area. Take out all the trash. After us, the office will be 100% clean.

Types of cleaning in offices

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General After cleaning Regular
Regular cleaning
The cleaner comes every day in the morning or in the evening to clean and tidy up. By the time the employees arrive, the cleaner will wash the floors and the bathroom, dust off, throw away the trash and wash the dishes.
General cleaning
A team of cleaners with professional equipment under the guidance of a manager will come for cleaning. Suitable if there was a renovation, moving or a fun corporate party.
After renovation
Removal of construction waste and household waste, removal of residues of building mixtures, adhesive tape and glue, cleaning and polishing of furniture, cleaning and disinfection of plumbing fixtures, multi-stage dust removal.
What is Included in the price?

Our cleaners are neat women between the ages of 24 and 50 who have been specially selected and trained. We will choose a cleaner for you one day before the ordered cleaning.

Our cleaners are neat women between the ages of 24 and 50 who have been specially selected and trained. We will choose a cleaner for you one day before the ordered cleaning.

How to make an order

Менеджер свяжется с вами и согласует объём и удобное время уборки. При необходимости специалист приедет и оценит степень загрязнения на месте. Это поможет корректно подобрать моющие средства и технику.
02 Come to you
Several cleaners will come to your office on the appointed day and split into groups.
03 Cleaning up
Cleaning takes place simultaneously in several rooms and includes 4 stages. More about the cleaning steps →
04 Sign documents
We provide certificate of completion. Pay for services after signing the certificate of completion.

The final calculation is done individually

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Frequently asked questions

Why can you be trusted?
We work to make our customers happy. For this we carefully select, test and train our cleaners. Each cleaner has a clear cleaning technology that guarantees the cleanliness and safety of things in the house.
How is general cleaning different from maintenance cleaning?
We advise you to choose maintenance cleaning to keep your home clean at all times. The cleaner comes to you regularly - the house does not have time to get dirty between cleanings.
I have found flaws after cleaning. How to be?
Please contact us immediately. Take a photo of the defect and send it to our Quality Department, or immediately send the photo to any of the messengers. We will respond immediately and find a way to resolve the situation.
Will the cleaner come with his own cleaning products or should I provide mine?
Our cleaners come with their own detergents. If, for any reason, you need to clean using your products, this is also possible.