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Cleaning after a fire in Pyatigorsk

We’ll take on the most difficult cleaning of premises after a fire and smoke
Уборка после пожара
We will advise on prices and terms
*The final calculation is done individually

We will clean the rooms that others do not take

We will wash away the soot and fumes, we will preserve the interior details that can still be saved. → Find out the cost

3 reasons

entrust cleaning after a fire to professionals
Reason 1 We will carry out an interior inspection Experts will assess the safety of each element of the interior and choose the cleaning tactics in each room.
Reason 2 Reestablishing the surfaces Whenever possible, we use special products that restore the color and texture of the surfaces.
Reason 3 We use professional equipment Special equipment will remove soot from surfaces as quickly as possible.

How is the cleaning going?

Stage 1 Preparing
We will free the room from burnt things, take out the garbage. If necessary, we dismantle doors, windows, furniture, tiles. We will safely pack the leftover things, clothes and interior details.
Stage 2 Surfaces treatment
All surfaces are treated with special reagents. This removes the burning smell. This is the most difficult stage of cleaning, requiring knowledge, skills and special equipment.
Stage 3 Floor treatment
We will process the floors with extractor vacuum cleaners, which will restore the look and color of the floor covering.
Stage 4 Dry cleaning
We will dry-clean the furniture to return it to its original look and color, removing stubborn dust and fumes.
Stage 5 Final touches
We disinfect the entire room and restore the microclimate in it.

Special equipment

Professional vacuum cleaner Karcher
Compact yet powerful enough to effectively remove dirt and dust, even deep into the pile of carpets and upholstered furniture.
Steam generator Karcher
Steam generator for removing stubborn dirt as well as disinfecting and fighting germs.
Scrubber dryers
Universal Scrubber dryers for all types of flooring with the function of washing, drying and polishing floors.