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Cleaning after renovation in Moscow

We will put the final point in cleaning by a team of experienced cleaners and with the help of special equipment.
>Cleaning after renovation

What is included in cleaning

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3 reasons

entrust cleaning after repair to professionals
Reason 1 Don’t ruin the home repair We know how to remove this or that kind of pollution. Improper handling of detergents can ruin a fresh repair.
Reason 2 Save health and time You do not have to breathe fine dust and spray liters of chemicals everywhere for cleaning.
Reason 3 Move to a clean house You will get the most pleasant thing - to lay things out and enjoy the cleanliness and renewed interior.

Special equipment

Professional vacuum cleaner Karcher
Compact yet powerful enough to effectively remove dirt and dust, even deep into the pile of carpets and upholstered furniture.
Steam generator Karcher
Steam generator for removing stubborn dirt as well as disinfecting and fighting germs.
Scrubber dryers
Universal Scrubber dryers for all types of flooring with the function of washing, drying and polishing floors.

Order cleaning now to make your house cleaner

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How to make an order

Обсудим по телефону объемы и сложность работ, стоимость клининга коттеджа. Выезд специалиста на объект может потребоваться для оценки степени загрязнения помещения и для корректного подбора бытовой химии.
02 Come to you
We send you a team of cleaners with a foreman. He or she will distribute the cleaners, monitor their work and answer questions.
03 Cleaning up
Cleaning takes place simultaneously in several rooms and includes 5 stages.
04 Sign documents
We sign the certificate of completion and the owner of the house pays the agreed amount in advance.