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Windows washing in apartments in Tambov

We wash windows separately or together with other services
Windows cleaning

Window cleaning service can be provided both separately and together with apartment cleaning

For example, during general cleaning or after renovation
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Stage 1 Preparation
Before starting cleaning, we will check the condition of the windows for damage, cracks and chips. If we find damage, we will inform you.
Stage 2 Очистим рамы
We will choose a cleaning technology based on the types of frames and dirt. We will clean the frames from dust and dirt, dry them and treat them with special solutions.
Stage 3 Final touches
We will clean, wash and dry the glass from all sides. The glasses will be perfectly clean: no streaks or stains.
How is the window cleaning carried out? → Find out the cost

How much does it cost to clean the wimdows?

The cost of the service depends on the number of windows, pollution and the type of cleaning → Check the price

Window cleaning for different occasions

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Regular After renovation
Maintaining cleanliness
Light windows cleaning
We will ensure crystal-clearness of the windows, washing them from traces of rain and dust. We use alcohol-based products.
After renovation
After renovation
We will clean windows from complex contaminants: paint, adhesive tape, building materials.
What is included in the price?